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Pixel Lop Bunny

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I love pixel art. I really adore people who draw nice and detailed pixel art. it’s fun to see those. I get bored so easily and don’t have patience for drawing pixel art.


I tried several times so long time ago. but I couldn’t. Recently, I felt like I wanna try again. maybe just a lop bunny.
I always need a pen and paper when I draw something. even on pixel art this time.



Thank you grid paper! It helped me a lot.

and finally it turned out like this

and for button badges..
now these buttons are available on

Bunny Wood Pin

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We just added a new item on

Bunny and Lop Bunny Wooden Pin

lasercut curly maple and hand polished + linseed oil finished but it doesn’t mean waterproof. I use sandpaper grit #600, #1200, #1500. if it’s wet, surface will be rough again. please polish it at least #1200 or #1500 grit sandpaper.


you can select bunny or lop bunny, $9.00 each. they are not a set. We put it in small cotton pouch with red ribbon.


Please check this page

“Lop Bunny in a Hat” Mini Bag

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I just added “Lop Bunny in a Hat” Mini Bag on Lopshop. This is same bag as the one from 2011 Lucky Bag.
Lopshopに”Lop Bunny in a Hat”のミニバッグを追加しました。袋は2011ラッキーバッグの袋と同じものです。


It’s nice size for snacks, small zakka…etc. This must be useful at school, office or for travel.


Those snacks are not included.
“Lop Bunny in a Hat” Mini Bag is available here.

“Lop Bunny in a Hat”ミニバッグはこちらのページにあります。

about Ornament Kit from 2011 luckybag

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Thank you for buying Lopshop’s 2011 Special Luckybag!

This Ornament Kit is one of Luckybag items and I’m hoping everyone who got Luckybag will make their own ornament. It’s including only fabrics, filling and ribbon, But If you have some craft parts, please try to use them.

ornament kit 1
There is dotted line on the fabric. Please cut out “lop bunny in a hat” and back side of fabric too.

ornament kit 2
started to sew.

ornament kit 3
for me, I added Key chain hook. You can add Key ring or anything you want.

ornament kit 4
phew…. almost done!

ornament kit 5
inside out! If you have tweezers or hemostats, it’s easy to pull the inside out.

ornament kit 6
and fill the filling. but.. I guess for this, only a small amount seems okay.

ornament kit 7
finished! and now, Plopp is checking how it looks. “hmm….not bad?”

ornament kit 8
I attached this to my bag. If you have brooch back pins, you can make it as a brooch. Please use this kit as you like and enjoy!

Lopshop’s Luckybag is ready

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Many people are looking forward to buy a Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) during the New Year in Japan. Fukubukuro is a bag filled with goodies, but the contents are usually kept a mystery.

2011 will be the year of the “RABBIT”, so we decided to make a luckybag for this very special year.


This is the bag for our luckybag. It is a 100% Cotton mini bag (size: 6″W x 6″H – 3″ gusset) with a hand silk screen printed of Lop Bunny in a Hat illustration.

上記画像は、福袋の袋です。100%コットンのミニバッグ(15cm x 15cm x 7.6cm)に、Lop Bunny in a Hatのイラストのシルクスクリーンが手刷りでプリントしてあります。

I want to keep it’s contents a secret. But I guess it’s not fair for you since you have to buy online. This is a description of the contents:


Cell Phone Charm
Wooden Brooch
Key Ring
Rubber Stamp
Button Badges x2
Stickers x5
Fabric Ornament Kit (including filling and ribbon)
2011 Calendar (Japanese calendar)


All of these items are new items that have never appeared at Lopshop before. It is set at a very special price of $35.00.


*if you want to peek to see what is exactly inside, click here



Lopshop Luckybag is available here


finally! Lopshop’s new Tshirts arrived!

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It took so long to find Tshirts this time and missed summer! …. T_T … but, I usually wear Tshirts all year.
やっとTシャツが出来上がりました。今回、Tシャツ選びに時間がかかってしまい、気がつけばもう夏も終わり… T_T とはいえ、私は年中Tシャツを着ています。皆さん、年中Tシャツを着ましょう。是非。

This Tshirts is incredibly soft and stretches very well. colours are really nice. This baby blue is the one I wanted and I also made grey Tshirts too.

cap sleeve and body is slim fit with longer length. for me, it seems too long it will come over my hip if I stretch tight but that’s not bad.

for printing, its using plastisol ink which is durable to wash. but please never use an iron on it! Ink will melt and stick to iron forever! (I did it once before….)

you can see wrinkle around print. I guess, this Tshirt is really soft and light weight, so when printer pressed, it stretched. but if you wear it, it won’t be no problem!

This Tshirts available on this page

Lop Bunny in the Hat

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I am almost haunted by the top hat and bunny recently. I’ve already made several designs of the bunny and top hat, but I didn’t make one like this yet.


“Lop Bunny in the Hat”

This is an idea for a fabric.


Bunny tail

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I’m going to prepare something for The Year of the rabbit, next year.

Today, I tried to make something like this

What am I doing? This is piece of white rabbit faux fur.

turn into….

bunny tail. Can I use this for something? In the meantime, I attached tail to a pompom mobile phone strap. …bunny tail was too big!? I am not great at sewing. if I sell this on Lopshop, I will have to ask my friend to make them.


I wonder what to do with this bunny tail, what kind of charms will be good with it…. think think think….


Japanese rabbit magazine “Usagi to Kurasu”

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I just got a Japanese rabbit magazine called “Usagi to Kurasu” or “Living with Rabbits” from Japan.

One of my friends, who is a customer of Lopshop, sent them a photo of her
lopshop goodies and you can see it in this latest issue. :D

This is the first time for Lopshop to be mentioned in a print magazine.  I am
so excited, thank you Maa-San!

Lopshopの商品が、「うさぎと暮らす」の「雑貨大好き読者のコレクション 自慢の逸品」コーナーに掲載されました。