finally! Lopshop’s new Tshirts arrived!

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It took so long to find Tshirts this time and missed summer! …. T_T … but, I usually wear Tshirts all year.
やっとTシャツが出来上がりました。今回、Tシャツ選びに時間がかかってしまい、気がつけばもう夏も終わり… T_T とはいえ、私は年中Tシャツを着ています。皆さん、年中Tシャツを着ましょう。是非。

This Tshirts is incredibly soft and stretches very well. colours are really nice. This baby blue is the one I wanted and I also made grey Tshirts too.

cap sleeve and body is slim fit with longer length. for me, it seems too long it will come over my hip if I stretch tight but that’s not bad.

for printing, its using plastisol ink which is durable to wash. but please never use an iron on it! Ink will melt and stick to iron forever! (I did it once before….)

you can see wrinkle around print. I guess, this Tshirt is really soft and light weight, so when printer pressed, it stretched. but if you wear it, it won’t be no problem!

This Tshirts available on this page

Candy Frosty!

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This is a design called “Candy Frosty”. I made this idea from Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) and Frosty Lop Bunny (white body with grey nose and ears)

Both are fluffy and sweet!


Now I am preparing this design for a silk screen print t-shirt.
These images below are the art work for silk screens.


I cannot wait how these images turn out as a silk screen print on a t-shirt. I hope it looks great! It will take some time before the t-shirt will be ready. After it is done, I am going to write about it.