about Ornament Kit from 2011 luckybag

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Thank you for buying Lopshop’s 2011 Special Luckybag!

This Ornament Kit is one of Luckybag items and I’m hoping everyone who got Luckybag will make their own ornament. It’s including only fabrics, filling and ribbon, But If you have some craft parts, please try to use them.

ornament kit 1
There is dotted line on the fabric. Please cut out “lop bunny in a hat” and back side of fabric too.

ornament kit 2
started to sew.

ornament kit 3
for me, I added Key chain hook. You can add Key ring or anything you want.

ornament kit 4
phew…. almost done!

ornament kit 5
inside out! If you have tweezers or hemostats, it’s easy to pull the inside out.

ornament kit 6
and fill the filling. but.. I guess for this, only a small amount seems okay.

ornament kit 7
finished! and now, Plopp is checking how it looks. “hmm….not bad?”

ornament kit 8
I attached this to my bag. If you have brooch back pins, you can make it as a brooch. Please use this kit as you like and enjoy!